13 Things You Never Knew About Normal Objects You See Every Day

Have you ever noticed little features on any of the products you own that don’t really seem to have a purpose?

We often assume they could be product flaws or just part of the object’s look, but funnily enough, they’re actually designed to make our lives a little easier. The only problem is that we’re missing out on these cool hacks because we just don’t know they exist. That’s why we’re here to show you a few ways you can get the most use out of those misused designs.

1. We all know that the holes in spaghetti spoons are to separate the water from noodles, but they also have another cool use. Fill the hole with uncooked spaghetti and that counts as a single serving!

2. You know that little hole at the bottom of most padlocks? Well, it acts as a drain for any water or dirt that gets inside. It’s also there to insert lubrication for the moving parts.

3. The feet, or stands, on the bottom of your keyboard weren’t designed to be ergonomic — their purpose is to make it easier for users to see the keys they’re hitting.

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