20 Social Media Posts That'll Make You Wonder Why Humans Are The Way They Are

Remember the good old days when it was understood that people were just inherently stupid and humanity was devolving without needing any physical proof?

In case you weren’t aware, as technology advances, it seems like our own natural instincts and intelligence have gone right down the drain. And rather than just forgetting about our lapses of judgement and truly stupid acts, instead we choose to let YouTubers and selfie queens influence the way we think and act. But social media influencers aren’t the only ones aiding in turning back the clock on humanity as we know it. Average Joes are all too generous with their social media antics, sharing some truly embarrassing moments for all the world to see.

If you’re one of the lucky few who hasn’t asked “WTF is wrong with people” while scrolling through your social media accounts, consider this a gift from me to you. These 20 social media posts will make you wonder where it all went wrong.

1. Nothing to see here, just a man walking his pet kangaroo.

2. For all the haters out there, body mutilation isn’t so bad when you can use your earlobes as doggy muzzles.

3. They never taught us this in sex ed class, but apparently cactuses need protection, too.

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