22 Recipes That Will Help Your Vegetarian Guests Enjoy Thanksgiving, Too

Thanksgiving may be a day to give thanks, but it is more widely celebrated as a day full of everyone’s favorite dishes.

And while most of your guests will eat themselves into a food coma with second and maybe even third helpings of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, some guests may not be able to experience food-induced nirvana because of dietary restrictions. Your vegetarian friends often end up getting stuck with piles of sides while their omnivorous counterparts chow down on main courses.

So why not go the extra mile to ensure everyone has a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving by cooking up some of these 22 meat-free dishes that are sure to make your vegetarian guests hungry for more?

1. Pumpkin ravioli make for a great, meat-free entree option.

2. Doctoring up your Brussels sprouts with some cranberries will give both vegetarians and meat eaters a delectable side dish.

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