A Veteran's Service Dog Was Stolen From His Yard By A Friend, But Now She's Home!

Many veterans of the Iraq War returned Stateside with PTSD associated with the violence they had to witness while they fought for our country.

War veteran Francisco Torres coped with his own PTSD with help from his German shepherd companion, TJ. This pup was gifted to Torres after the war and has since grown to be a part of the family. Torres and his wife, Angela, were shocked to discover one morning that TJ had gone missing overnight.

While watching surveillance footage from their security cameras, they saw someone coaxing TJ through the front gate. The video led them to speculate that the dog was familiar with her abductor, because it also shows her wagging her tail.

Watch the video below for even more about TJ’s abduction.


Since making the nightly news, local police were able to find TJ and reunite her with her distraught owners! TJ was found unharmed, and because details of her return are unknown, no arrests have been made.

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The fact that someone would put a veteran and a service dog through such a traumatic ordeal is so upsetting, but we here at ViralNova couldn’t be more thrilled about this amazing reunion! Thank you both for your service, Francisco and TJ!

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