A Video Was Found On His Computer. What It Contained Is Absolutely Sickening.

It’s no secret that childlike naivety can cause kiddos to place more trust in adults than they probably should.

A child’s innocence, perhaps their most charming quality, can also work to the horrifying advantage of sick adults who use children as means to nefarious ends. One Maryland man did exactly that. When investigators found videos on his computer, they made a horrific discovery.

Thirty-one-year-old Kyle S. Thompson was arrested and charged with sexually abusing three girls after he reportedly began showing off a series of videos showcasing himself molesting a four-year-old girl and two other young girls to an unidentified source.

One of the videos contains a snippet where the toddler can be heard crying, “I want my mommy,” to which Thompson responded, “Your mommy can’t save you.”

The abuse went on for nearly six months. Most of it took place in Thompson’s home and in a wooded area near his house.

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