August 3rd Is National Watermelon Day. These Are The 30 Recipes You Can't Pass Up!

Watermelon is the fruit of the summer and anyone who disagrees is just flat-out wrong.

Not only is watermelon the perfect healthy snack, but containing nearly 92 percent water, it’s the perfect way to keep hydrated on a warm day. On August 3rd we celebrate watermelon and all its benefits with National Watermelon Day.

Whether in savory dishes, sweet desserts, or delicious drinks, there really are no limits when it comes to this summertime favorite. To help get the most out of it, here are 30 amazing recipes you can try on the fruit’s special day! Click the links in each heading for more details.

1. Start your dinner party off right with an appetizing watermelon bruschetta.

2. These watermelon and chicken tacos will take your favorite summer fruit on a trip south of the border.

3. There’s no shot glass required for these boozy watermelon jello shots.

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