Child With Cancer Gets To Live His Dream Of Being A 'Police Cop'

Eli Hoag is only three years old, but he recently fulfilled his dream of becoming a “police cop.”

Eli has been fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia since he was diagnosed last January. His parents say that most days are tough. Even a small cold or infection could be enough to seriously threaten the young boy’s life.

When the Schertz Police Department saw a picture of Eli on Halloween dressed up as his favorite thing in the world, a “police cop,” they knew they had to reach out. On November 1, Officer Helen Lafitte personally visited Eli’s house and swore him in as a junior member of the Schertz Police Department.

Thanks to these kind officers, Eli was able to forget all about cancer for a whole day. He laughed, played, and even received a sergeant’s coin for “bravery in the line of duty.”


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Check out Eli’s adorable swearing-in ceremony below. There’s no doubt that he loves his big sister, Brooklyn!

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