Dad Of The Century Wins Life By Building Something Awesome For His Son's Birthday

I’ve never really been into sports, but the people who are get really hardcore about it.

I have family members who played sports all the way up through college, and what I learned is that it takes a ton of practice and dedication to be part of the team. Unfortunately, that can mean lots of time traveling to use the right kind of equipment at a gym since most people don’t have those things available at home.

One dad wanted to surprise his son who loves baseball for his birthday, so he decided to bring the batting cages home with an incredible DIY project.

First he started off by drilling holes with an augur. The first one he had wasn’t powerful enough, so he had to rent one to really get the posts in there safely.

There needed to be six total posts, so after the first two were in the ground straight, he used string to help place the others.

Support anchors were placed in the ground to help hold the structure, and string between the posts also helped keep the intended shape.

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