Diver Makes A Literally Explosive Discovery At The Bottom Of The Ocean

When Sean Smyrichinsky went diving off the coast of Canada one day, the last thing he expected to come across was a nuclear bomb. Yet there it was, a relic from the Cold War.

How does one misplace a nuclear bomb, you ask? That question has been of great interest to researchers for years. Recently, historian Dirk Septer released a book titled “Lost Nuke,” which chronicles the events of February 14, 1950. On that day, a nuclear device was lost while being transported from Texas to Florida, never to be seen again. Until Smyrichinsky found it, that is!

At first, diver Sean Smyrichinsky had no idea that the mysterious object he found was a lost nuclear bomb.

He told CBC News that he immediately surfaced and announced to his crew, “My god, I found a UFO. I found the strangest thing I’ve ever seen!”

After a little more investigating, it became apparent that the object was most likely the Mark 4 bomb that went missing in 1950. The United States admits that a nuclear weapon accident, also known as a “Broken Arrow,” occurred in the area.

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The Royal Canadian Navy has been alerted, and will send a ship to the site in the next few weeks.

Do you think this mysterious object really is the lost nuclear bomb from 1950? Let us know in the comments. If it is, I hope they don’t try to move it!


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