Doctors Couldn't Figure Out Why Her Baby Wasn't Growing. Then They Saw This.

When it comes to pregnancy, so many little things can go wrong.

Even if a mother does everything she’s instructed to do with her diet and prenatal care, it’s a whole tiny ecosystem in there. Umbilical cords help keep the fetus fed and growing, but did you know there could be knots in them? Most people who experience this phenomenon develop a pseudoknot, or an exaggerated loop of an umbilical artery. But even more rare is a true knot, and it can cause all kinds of problems. One mom who became known for sharing her pregnancy online is sharing her experience with this rare occurrence.

Rebecca Meldrum had a difficult pregnancy and shared her struggles online.

At 36 weeks, doctors induced labor due to fears that her baby wasn’t growing fast enough.

Eventually, she gave birth via C-section to a baby girl who was a little more than five pounds.

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