Doctors Said She Wouldn't Live Long But This Baby Is A Beautiful Fighter

One of the hardest aspects of being a doctor is having to deliver heartbreaking news that can have a serious impact on a person’s life.

Every day, families and individuals of all ages are given life-threatening diagnoses. Nothing is more heart-wrenching than having to give a first-time parent the news that their unborn child might not make it through the birth, let alone survive outside the womb.

For those parents that choose to follow through with delivery, it’s not often that they’re met with miracles. Fortunately for this family, a miracle is just what they got.

Charlotte Yourds was pregnant with what she thought were two healthy twin girls.

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During a regular visit to the doctor, an ultrasound revealed to Yourds that one of her little girls would be born with encephalocele. Encephalocele is a rare neural tube defect in a child’s brain that happens when the tube does not fully close and develop prior to birth, leaving the brain to extend through the skull cavity.

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