He Asked Her To Prom With Her Favorite Snack. Now They're Going To Show Up In Style!

On prom night, every girl deserves to feel special.

When it came to mustering up the courage to ask someone to prom, senior Shaedon Wendel knew exactly who he wanted to take. The Newton High School student set out to ask his best friend’s sister, Carlie Witterman, a freshman with Down syndrome, to be his date for the night. Wanting to make his promposal extra special, he incorporated her most favorite snack for a “cheesy” but oh-so-adorable stunt!

With flowers and a bag of Doritos in hand, Wendel approached Witterman at her home as she graciously accepted his invitation with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes!

After posting the footage on social media, the video quickly went viral. Doritos contacted the happy couple and offered them the opportunity to soar into prom with a helicopter ride.

To make Witterman’s night even more special, a couple from with Wisconsin, touched by the teen’s story, took the preciousness one step further.

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