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He Returned A Book To The Library. They Were Stunned When They Saw The Library Card.

Growing up a bookworm, I spent my fair share of days in the library.

I would make weekly visits to check out countless books as well as research and write a good majority of my school papers. In all my visits, though, one stands out more than the rest. After misplacing a children’s book, I willingly admitted defeat when I simply couldn’t find it after searching my house all day. For a book lover, it felt as though I had let the librarians down.

While I eventually found the book and returned it just a few weeks after the due date, one man in northeast Pennsylvania took over four decades to return a book he had long forgotten about.

John Hannon checked out a copy of Willie Mays’ “My Secrets of Playing Baseball,” from the Osterhout Free Library back when he was a 12-year-old kid living in Wilkes-Barre.

After doing some cleaning around the house, he discovered the book collecting dust in a box labelled “John’s Stuff.”

Hannon believes that the book was packed in the box prior to the Agnes Flood of 1972, where it remained for nearly half a century.

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