He's Furious That He And His Son Were Kicked Off A Plane, But Was It Justified?

You probably remember that harrowing day in elementary school each year when the school nurse checked students’ hair for lice.

Most of the time things went according to plan, but if you were seriously unlucky, you were called aside by the nurse and told that you had a buggy situation going on.

Far outside of the classroom, one father is absolutely furious after his young son was forced to endure a lice check in the middle of an airport. But did the airline have a point?

Clay Travis is best known as a Fox Sports analyst and lawyer, but the airport altercation recently thrust his name into headlines.

While traveling home from a trip to London and Paris, his six-year-old son began scratching at his scalp.

The boy’s mother began checking his head for anything out of the ordinary. Then she found lice.

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