If You Use This Popular Weed Killer At Home, You May Want To Stop. Here's Why.

As the summer months quickly approach, there’s no better time to start tending to your garden and getting your yard looking perfect for summer barbecues.

Growing up it was always my favorite memory of summer, getting down and dirty while planting all my favorite fruits and veggies with my grandparents. While eventually enjoying the fruits of our labor was always the best part, weeding and rototilling were absolutely the worst.

To make weeding easier, my grandparents would grab weed killers like Roundup to get the job done. But here’s what we didn’t know then. Some research suggests that an ingredient in Roundup can actually cause cancer.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, there is evidence pointing to the herbicide glyphosate being a carcinogen.

And the stuff makes up 18 percent of Roundup.

The chemical has been shown to cause cancer in animals used for testing.

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