Kevin Smith on 'Last Jedi' Trailer, Oscar Time for Mark Hamill? (VIDEO)

‘Last Jedi’ Trailer

First Oscar Nom for Luke?

If Kevin Smith’s Voting …

4/14/2017 3:16 PM PDT


The Last Jedi‘ trailer should do more than pump you up for the movie — ‘Star Wars’ faithful should also get ready for the Oscars … or at least that’s the way Kevin Smith sees it.

Superfan Kev was still amped about the trailer debut when we saw him Friday in Bev Hills. He gave us a 30 second review, and then moved on to even bigger matters: Mark Hamill and the elusive little gold dude.

Our guy suggests Luke might finally get the Academy’s attention with this flick, and it sounds like Kevin’s on board.

Fun fact: The only ‘Star Wars’ acting Oscar nom was Best Supporting for Sir Alec Guinness in the first flick. Obi-Wan Kenobi … he really was the “only hope.” 

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