Kidnapped Woman Finally Found Chained Up In A Crate, Victim Of A Literal Nightmare

Kala Brown, a woman who went missing with her boyfriend Charlie Carver on August 30, has been found after enduring horror for more than two months.

When Brown and Carver didn’t show up to dinner that night, friends and family were immediately concerned. It wasn’t like them to miss dinner, but when their mothers hadn’t heard from the couple they knew something was really wrong.

“It’s like you have a hot skillet, and they are two drops of water you put on it. They just disappear,” Brown’s mother Bobbie Newsom said in an interview with Dateline. “It’s not that they just haven’t talked to their moms. No one has heard from them.”

Kala Brown and Charlie Carver’s disappearance got even weirder when Carver’s Facebook suddenly began posting bizarre messages on September 1.

According to The Washington Post, messages about the couple getting married, along with news stories about them being, and other ominous messages about missing persons began a barrage of Facebook activity.

Carver wasn’t known to use Facebook often, and his account continued to answer friends’ comments and send direct messages with garbled and confusing statements. Most of the posts were then deleted.

After little luck in their investigation, a miracle occurred when they got a hit on a pinged cell phone. Police raided the 100-acre property of Todd Kohlhepp.

Kohlhepp is a registered sex offender convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl in 1986. Kala Brown had recently started working for Kohlrepp before her disappearance, cleaning houses he sold. He received his real estate license in 2006 before background checks were mandatory.

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