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Michael Irvin: I Want an MMA Fight, I'm Dead Serious

Michael Irvin

I Want an MMA Fight

… I’m Dead Serious

7/17/2017 12:55 AM PDT


51-year-old Michael Irvin says he’s itchin’ for a fight — a real MMA match — telling TMZ Sports, “I would whoop somebody up!”

The NFL Hall of Famer is still in incredible shape and actually does MMA training at a gym by his home. But Irvin says he’s a gamer — and wants to test his skills in live combat. 

There’s just one problem — “My wife says I’m her mule. She can’t have her mule out there getting hurt!” 

Irvin says he knows he’ll never fight in the pro ranks — but he’s deadly serious about setting up a celebrity MMA tournament. 

“Let’s get in the ring and do something.”

We know Irvin is a HUGE fan of the UFC and Dana White — so, don’t rule it out.

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