Mom Takes Friend To Task When She Trashes Moms Who 'Just Sit There' During Meltdowns

We’ve all been in public when someone’s child has completely melted down. Pretty much every parent has to deal with this at one time or another.

It’s hard for moms and dads to know what to do when something like this happens. For some kids, reacting will just make the problem worse, while others need a stronger hand of authority to guide them away from their tantrums. Others are living with disabilities and conditions that make throwing fits in public more common. It’s something over which affected children have little to no control.

Mom of four Constance Hall had a strong reaction when a friend said she saw a mom who “had the audacity to just sit there” when her child had a tantrum in public. On Facebook, she wrote, “I heard someone refer to a mother of a child melting down as, ‘just sitting there.'”

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She continues, “I have been that mum. I have bribed, I have begged, I have stroked a child during a tantrum, I have lugged that child to the car.”

“I reminded myself that it’s going to be okay and repeatedly told my child that I loved him,” and she’s even wanted to throw tantrums herself in response.

“And any seasoned expert will tell you that sometimes, the only thing you can do is nothing. Time will heal all tantrums.”

“So I asked my friend to not see her as the mum who ‘just sat there’ while her child [melted] down and instead see her as the mum who ‘is always there’ while her child melts down.”

Mothers from all over are responding to Constance’s thoughtful approach to parenting and her commitment to not judging other parents.

Parents of special-needs kids of all ages felt especially validated, sharing their experiences of being stared at and ridiculed.

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Next time you see a child throwing a tantrum in public, consider the fact that their mom or dad is doing the best they can. Rest assured that they want it to stop just as much as you do.

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