Mom's Ingenious Use Of Her Husband's Old Shirts Makes Her Daughter Look So Stylish

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but in this case, the latter parties are stylish little ladies rocking amazing looks made from Dad’s old shirts.

For Stephanie Miller, motherhood left this former art teacher feeling anything but creative. With a baby to care for and trying to live life to the fullest in a one-bedroom apartment, there was very little space for Miller to focus on her oil paintings.

But all it took for the mother of four to reignite her creative fuse was her husband’s purchase of a sewing machine from Walmart. After spending hours scouring the internet to learn how to use the machine, Miller began focusing her attention toward dressmaking. One day, Dad noticed one of his shirts was shrunken in the wash. That’s when Mom had the coolest idea.

Using the sewing machine and the old shirt, this creative lady made a one-of-a-kind dress perfect for a fashionista in training. The rest is style history!

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