Nanny Did The Unthinkable When Child Talked With Her Mouth Full — OMG

It’s important to be able to trust the people who care for our children. After all, they’re like surrogate parents when we’re not there, taking care of their needs and keeping them safe. When a child care worker betrays that trust, it can be terrible and even dangerous.

Ashley Ann Fields-Page was one nanny whose behavior went off the deep end, impacting one family’s life greatly.

On September 30, Fields-Page was taking care of a 21-month-old girl when she texted the girl’s mother to say her child hurt her tooth eating a cracker.

The young girl’s jaw was swollen, so her mom took her to the emergency room. They said she might have a chipped tooth and to go to the dentist.

But when X-rays showed that her child had a broken jaw, she knew she had to get the police involved.

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