O.J. Simpson Has Not Left Nevada to Watch Bills, Jaguars Game (UPDATE)

O.J. Simpson

Back Rooting for the Bills

… And Guess Where?

1/7/2018 10:50 AM PST

1:28 PM PT — The Bills lost and are out of the playoffs. Looks like O.J. isn’t that much of a good luck charm after all … whodathunkit?O.J. Simpson was seen rockin’ a Buffalo Bills jersey as his ex-NFL team took on the Jaguars in the playoffs this weekend … but the Juice isn’t loose in Florida. 

A bunch of pics featuring O.J. in the ol’ blue and white were posted Sunday, showing the former running back hanging with some fellow fans as the Bills/Jaguars game started.

At first, a lot of people speculated Simpson had left Nevada and was on the ground in Jacksonville, FL — where the game is being played … which mighta been a problem considering he’s out on parole, and presumably can’t leave the state on whim’s notice. 

However, upon closer inspection … we’ve found that Simpson has not left Nevada. In fact, it appears he’s still in Vegas … having mugged at a local bar called Moon Doggies. There’s even a sign in the back that says “Go Rebels” … which is UNLV’s football team name. 

Coast is clear, Jacksonville … back to the second quarter action. 

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