Parents, Don't Give Up Your Sex Lives When You Have Kids — Here Are Some Tips

Nothing kills the bedroom mood faster than the fear of your kid running through the door. However, just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome sex life! You just have to get creative.

It’s ironic that kids put such a damper on sex. After all, a good romp in the hay is how they got here in the first place. In reality, though, it’s just not easy to have spontaneous sex when there are kids in the house.

These six tips can help parents get it on, even when the grandparents are too busy to babysit. If your partner’s not around to read them now, send them the link. It’ll be a good hint for later this evening!

1. Teach your kids that parents need time alone to “talk” now and then.


Grownups need to have grownup conversations, and sometimes, that means quiet time behind closed doors. Teaching your kids this early on will be beneficial for many reasons, whether you’re actually discussing the bills or spending some romantic time with your partner.

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2. When your bedroom door is locked, it stays locked.

When your bedroom door is locked, it stays locked.


While locked doors may be a “no-no” in your house, there’s a big difference between adults and kids turning the latch. Institute a rule that when you or your partner lock a door, it stays that way. Also, make sure they know that when that door is locked, you should only be bothered in cases of guests or emergencies.

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