People Share Captivating Images Of How Things Are Worn Down And Changed Over Time

There are two inescapable truths we all face during our lifetimes. The first is that we’re all going to die. The second? Time changes everything.

As we grow older, we start to notice our bodies changing — the wearing down of our joints and the little creases that begin to develop around our eyes. Most of us probably don’t realize just how much each year alters our appearances and those of the objects around us, as time affects our perceptions as well. That’s why it’s so astonishing to see the contrasts of the “befores” and “afters.” See for yourself how time leaves its mark in the 15 fascinating photos below.

1. “One pillowcase has been used nearly every day for 40 years. The other has been in a closet.”

2. “What happens when you peel off 30 years of graffiti?”

3. “My best friend from 33 years ago and a new old stock one my Pop got for my baby son.”

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