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Rickie Fowler & Jordan Speith Ditch Their Shirts for Spring Break Golf Trip (VIDEO)

Rickie Fowler & Jordan Speith


… Topless Beach Golf!

4/11/2017 2:32 PM PDT

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How do golfers do Spring Break? They golf. 

Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth linked up with fellow golf pros Smylie Kaufman and Justin Thomas for a guys trip to the Bahamas … where they let loose, popped some beers and swung away. 

The guys looked like they’re having a blast … but even though they APPEARED to be goofing around on the golf course, you KNOW things eventually got competitive. 

Just one question … when you’re in your 20s, have millions of dollars and golf for a living … isn’t every day like Spring Break???

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