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Roddy White — Cop Profiled Me Because I'm Black … I Want An Apology (VIDEO)

11/17/2016 12:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Roddy White says race was DEFINITELY a factor when a white cop put his hand on his gun in an aggressive manner during a routine traffic stop in Georgia Wednesday — and now he wants an apology. 

The ex-ATL Falcons star spoke with TMZ Sports about the incident — claiming his heart was racing when the officer “unbuttoned the strap on his gun and he put his hand on his gun” and began walking toward his car.

Roddy said he questioned the cop about his actions — at first, the cops cited police procedure … but then said, “It’s my procedure. I do what I want.”

Roddy says he’s already spoken with police and was told 2 cops had been ambushed during traffic stops this week … and that could explain why the cop was gun-ready.

But White says he’s not buying it for this particualr situation — and says he wants to speak with the officer to get a personal explanation. He also wants an apology.

As for the cops, the DeKalb County PD tells TMZ Sports the officer involved was “floored” when he heard about White’s allegations and denies doing anything wrong. 

The cops say they still invite White to file a formal complaint.

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