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Saving For Retirement Is Hard, But Her Unconventional Plan Is Actually Amazing

When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, adding to your retirement fund (or even having one at all) can be next to impossible.

Such was the case for Michelle Boyle, a single mother of two. As her children grew up and started getting ready to move out and attend college, she realized that she had no plan for her retirement. After getting divorced twice and subsequently losing both of her houses, Boyle fell on hard times. Money was tight and she couldn’t afford to put any away for herself.

But instead of falling into hopelessness, Boyle decided to use her skills to start planning for her future. Involved in the tiny house movement, she’d already built a few compact homes. What was one more?

With the help of some contractors, Boyle got to work in the driveway of her rental property, building a house she said “no one could take away.”

While it looks, well, tiny on the outside, her new home is probably more spacious than you’d expect.

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