She Did Some Heinous Things To Her Baby…And Then Texted About It

Most parents can’t imagine what would happen if their child was hurt.

Parents intimately feel their children’s pain and would do anything to protect them. That’s why one case of child abuse has been garnering attention online, as police try to track down the mother who not only abused her child in some truly monstrous ways but also decided to take pictures and video of the torture she inflicted on an innocent baby boy.

Janelle Peterkin allegedly sent the father of her child disturbing pictures of the abuse. The father’s relatives say she perpetrated the abuse because he no longer wants to date Peterkin.

Her text messages appear below, though you should be warned that they are incredibly difficult to see.

First, when the child won’t stop crying, she shoves a plastic bag in his mouth. She continues pushing it in as he cries out.

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