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She Lost Everything And Couldn't Move On. Then An Unlikely Friend Saved Her Life.

When a person sets out to rescue and adopt an animal they often think they’re saving the animals life, but as is often the case, these animals also do some rescuing of their own.

This is exactly the mission of Mutual Rescue, an organization that is helping transform the lives of both humans and animals as they strive to find the perfect pairing of lost souls waiting to start a new life together. It is their hope to change the conversation from “people or animals” to “ people and animals,” one story at a time.

One of their latest films really hits this idea out of the park by highlighting two lost souls that were able to find a new life with each other’s helps.

Jessi and her boyfriend had found their perfect match in one another and had already began planning their future together. But their plans were cut short when Jessi’s boyfriend took his own life in November 2011.

Unable to eat or sleep following the loss of her loved one, Jessi began asking herself a thousand questions a minute and putting the blame on herself.

Feeling incredibly alone and isolated, she began looking into dog shelters online in the hopes of calming her soul and saving another creature in need.

Jessi stumbled upon a picture of a yellow lab from a local shelter, which she described as “looking like I felt.” Feeling an instant connection with the photo, she set out to adopt the dog.

In their first few moments together, Jessi and Andi were both beaming with excitement and joy, something the devastated woman hadn’t felt in months.

With Andi by her side, Jessi began reaching out to family and friends and really putting herself out there following the loss of her boyfriend.

Since adopting her new best friend, Jessi has even taken a job at a local shelter to help connect other people and animals!

Learn more about their inspiring story in the video below.


Jessi and Andi’s story is what Mutual Rescue’s mission is all about. To learn more about the organization, check out their website and Facebook page.

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