She Lost Her 12-Year-Old Patient To The Flu And Wrote Her A Heartbreaking Note

Flu season brings the possibility of serious illness to millions of people every year.

Annually, many of the people who die from the flu are children and elderly people. In the 2015-2016 flu season, more than 85 children passed away in the U.S. alone. One of those children was Piper Lowery, who was just 12 years old.

Her mother has been very open and public about her story, and she urges parents to get their kids flu shots to help them avoid the same fate. Piper’s pediatrician, Dr. Niran S. Al-Agba, penned a heartbreaking letter to help spread her story.

Al-Agba writes, “You are the first and only patient in 16 years of practice for whom I have signed the birth certificate and the death certificate.”

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“The last time I saw you, I knew you did not feel well. You kept asking to go home; you were pale but still had your sparkle. I repeated your vitals myself and spent extra time with you to ensure nothing was missed.”

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