She Saw Her Boyfriend And Her Dogs Dead. Her Message Is One We Need To Hear.

We all know that drinking and driving is wrong.

In the past 50 years as our thinking has advanced on the subject, we’ve adjusted our expectations and put laws in place. Researchers realized that far too many people were dying or getting injured when others were allowed to hit the road after one too many beers. Unfortunately, it still does happen, and it still ends in tragedy. One woman is speaking out about her terrifying experience and why no one should ever drink and drive.

Missy Brooke Finch was out driving with her 24-year-old boyfriend and their two dogs when their car was struck by a drunk driver.

The impact killed her boyfriend and both of her dogs, but she miraculously survived.

The man who hit them is now in prison for 18 years as a result of his reckless actions that ended three lives.

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