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She Was Having The Worst Week When One Comment Made Life Make Sense Again

When your life is crazy, it’s so hard to even do the simple things.

Jamie Primak Sullivan wrote in a Facebook post that she was having the worst few days. Once she finally returned home from a different city, she was thrown right back into picking up the kids and doing chores. When she realized she had to go to the grocery store and only had 50 minutes to do it with two of her children in tow, she felt completely frazzled. On top of all of that, it was a new store, so she didn’t know how to find anything.

She wrote, “Finally, after the 15th time asking them to quiet down, stand by me, stop touching everything all the while my Jersey accent getting thicker by the second — my face dropped. My chin slumped to my chest. I was physically and emotionally exhausted.”

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“Two soft fingers reached out and lifted my face. ‘Chin up dear.'”

"Two soft fingers reached out and lifted my face. 'Chin up dear.'"

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