She Was Supposed To Watch This Baby. Instead, She Left Her Alone In A Park Overnight

Having a drink or two can be a simple way to put your daily stresses behind you and relax.

While there’s nothing wrong with an occasional drink, when your drinking interferes with your daily responsibilities, that’s when the real trouble starts. When this woman from Blackpool, England, put her own inebriation above her duties as a babysitter, she put a child’s life in danger.

When 44-year-old Julie Gill was supposed to be looking after a friend’s tiny baby, she began a night of binge drinking across the tiny resort town.

The night started with Gill at home drinking vodka before going out to a local pub to meet a friend. The two eventually left and continued on to a club a few blocks away. Gill carted the baby with her to the bars in her stroller.

Gill allegedly left the club around midnight but did not arrive home until almost 4 a.m. In a moment of inebriation, the woman pounded on a neighbor’s door because she could not find her house keys. The baby was nowhere in sight.

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