Study Reveals That Maybe Your Cat Isn't A Huge Dick After All

As somebody who lives with two cats, I’ll be the first to tell you that they can be absolute jerks.


Simply put, these adorable little shits are under the impression that they run the show — and they’re not wrong.

At times it seems like cat owners are actually slaves who only exist to serve their furry overlords’ needs, whether they want food, treats, toys, attention, or exactly five seconds of petting (no more and no less). Fail to please them and get ready to have the ever-loving crap scratched out of you or your expensive furniture.

They really don’t make it hard to believe that they couldn’t care less about you, but according to the surprising results of a new study published in the Behavioural Processes journal, they might actually like humans way more than we think.

Researchers from Oregon State University and Monmouth University gathered a total of 50 adult cats and placed them in a room without food or social interaction for two and a half hours. Half of them were pets, while the other half came from shelters.

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