The Pimple Popping Trend Is Nasty As Is, And You'll Want To Barf When You See This

If you find it pretty satisfying to watch pimples being popped, you’re definitely not alone.

But would you want to eat food that’s covered in them? Probably not. Surprisingly enough, though, one Malaysian bakery found that plenty of people do. Like most bakeries, The Cakescape in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, makes a variety of baked goods for various special occasions, including birthdays and weddings. They even make novelty cakes as well.

What sets the establishment apart from others, however, is that some of its delicious desserts come with pimples you can pop.

You may not want this as your birthday cake…

…but according to the bakery, others definitely do. They claim to have sold over 20 of these cakes so far.

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