These Kids Spent Months And Years Without Families. These Are Their Adoption Days

The kids in the photos below spent days, months, and even years in foster care. Some weren’t sure if they would ever have a family. Then came the most spectacular event — their adoption day!

On any given day in the United States, there are roughly 415,000 children in the foster care system. The majority were removed from their birth parents by Child Protective Services, while others were relinquished as babies. Some are orphans. Sadly, about 20,000 children every year age out of foster care without ever being adopted.

Those facts make photos like these all the more special. The looks on the faces of these kids and their new families say it all. See for yourself!

This little lady was just adopted this week! Look at that toothy grin.

Only one day earlier, this cutie was adopted. Coincidentally, November is National Adoption Month!

These brothers were lucky to be adopted by the same family. More than 20 percent of kids in the foster care system have at least one sibling who also needs to be adopted.

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