They Found Tiny Eggs On Their Property. What Hatched Out Of Them Is So Cute!

It’s only a matter of time before our backyards are filled with screaming children donning their favorite pair of bunny ears in search of a variety of chocolate treats and candy-filled eggs.

Out of context, this scenario may seem a bit peculiar, but with Easter fast approaching, most of us are anticipating the variety of Easter egg hunts occurring throughout our communities.

Even though our yearly visit from the Easter Bunny is still a few weeks away, Imgur user maddabber made an eggy discovery in the backyard while tending to the garden.

While hard at work in the garden, maddabber discovered a collection of small eggs hidden inside some bamboo stalks.

Unsure of what could be incubating inside these pebble-sized eggs, maddabber knew not to count their chickens (or whatever was inside) before they hatched.

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Upon further inspection, it looked like the eggs were close to hatching!

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