They Thought They Were Getting Away With Slacking Off. Then The Professor Did This.

College is a great time in people’s lives, when they grow and mature, expand their knowledge, and pretend like they’re taking notes while messing around on their laptops in class.

Most of us who’ve attended college in recent years have to admit that we did this at one point or another because let’s be real — lectures can get seriously boring sometimes. But while we all think that we get away with a little non-educational internet browsing, there are professors who know all too well what we’re doing. Some don’t really care, but others get completely fed up with it, like this University of Michigan instructor.

After an entire semester of witnessing students doing everything but taking notes on their computers, the professor decided to get them back by showing them a Powerpoint slide of everything they were caught doing — and it’s pretty damn hilarious.

Some of these are just wrong.

Here’s a transcript of the Powerpoint slide. Wow.

Things I Noticed EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232 Students Doing During Class

Meg Veitch, April 2017

An (x) means I’ve seen it a lot, as in multiple students every day.

  • Chipotle menu
  • ESPN
  • Hamilton tickets
  • Wolverine access(x)
  • Amazon(x)
  • Facebook(x)
  • Job applications(x)
  • IM: breaking up with boyfriend
  • HuffingtonPost/NyTimes/othernews(x)
  • Buying makeup
  • Pornography
  • Reddit (x)
  • Writing obscene things…can’t put here…
  • Tumblr (x)
  • Looking at pictures of themselves in suits
  • A relay page?
  • Cooking show
  • Chinese rap videos
  • Buying $240 worth of turtle necks
  • Looking at pictures of sliced bread
  • Photoshopping President Trump onto muppets
  • Watching baseball/basketball/golf
  • Programming homework
  • Translating German
  • Taking selfies
  • Playing Mortal Kombat
  • Playing
  • Fantasy baseball/basketball
  • Breeding dragons (draconic neopets???)
  • Playing racing game
  • Cat videos
  • General shopping (x)
  • Sex tapes
  • Drawing a tree? A squid?
  • Watching Planet Earth 2

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