They Were On A Construction Site When They Made A 66 Million-Year-Old Discovery

It’s hard to believe but there are skeptics out there who don’t believe that dinosaurs once roamed the planet.

For reasons Biblical and otherwise, some people just don’t buy it. But since there’s that whole “physical evidence” thing, I’m inclined to believe the scientists who say these giants did, in fact, walk the Earth.

And I feel like these construction workers are with me on that. What they found on the job one day is truly incredible.

As construction workers prepared for a building project in Thorton, Colorado, they unearthed the skeletal remains of a triceratops.

Eager to examine the find, paleontologists from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science made their way to the construction site to lend a hand.

Museum curator Joe Sertich said that this is one of only three triceratops skulls to be found in the Front Range area.

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