This Adorable Nugget Was Saved From An Auction, But She Has No Idea She's A Cow!

Okay, confession time. I am OBSESSED with cows. If you think that’s weird, just wait — you haven’t met Moonpie the miniature rescue cow yet!

Most people who live in the country drive by cows without a second thought, but I’ve always been drawn to their dopey eyes and peaceful nature. In fact, I’ve been known to pull over on the side of the road just to get a closer look at a cow and try to pet it. Honestly, the majority don’t like that too much, but Moonpie? She truly is one in a million.

I’m going to introduce you to Moonpie, but you have to keep a secret. You see, this adorable little nugget has no idea that she’s a cow. As far as she’s concerned, she’s 100 percent pure dog.

Moonpie was adopted by Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas after a friend of the organization spotted her at an auction house. Because she was too small to leave outside with the other cows, founder Janice Wolf allowed her to sleep inside with her 12 dogs.

Before long, Moonpie was convinced that she was just another canine! While she gets along well with all the dogs, her best friend is a deaf bull terrier named Spackle. Over time, the duo became inseparable.

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