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This Animation Explaining Ocean Depth Will Make You Feel So Anxious About The Sea

Many, including myself, find the ocean very unsettling. One reason is the incredible diversity of sea creatures it holds. Another is its almost unbelievable depth.

The distance between the surface and the bottom probably seems endless to someone with thalassophobia, or the intense fear of the ocean. But how deep does the water actually go? This animation from Tech Insider puts the massive distance into perspective for us with comparisons of different depths to objects, animals, and landmarks whose sizes we already have a grasp on, and it’s pretty incredible.

The largest animal on Earth, the blue whale, can be found at depths of around 330 feet, barely scratching the surface of the ocean’s depth.

But whales can go down to an impressive 1,640 feet to hunt giant squid. This section is nearly a thousand feet deeper than the deepest recorded free-dive at 831 feet, where the pressure would crush most people’s lungs.

At 2,722 feet is where the tip of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, would reach if it were upside down. Down here, nuclear attack submarines would risk imploding.

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