This Child Barely Clung To Life Because Others Refused To Vaccinate Their Children

How would you feel if your child was responsible for the death of another? Parents who don’t vaccinate their kids often have to ask themselves that very question.

When Annie Mae Braiden’s daughter, Isabelle, was just six weeks old, she contracted whopping cough from an unvaccinated child. Whooping cough can be deadly in very young and very old people, but the baby is slowly recovering after fighting for her life for over a month in the intensive care unit.

Braiden had every intention of vaccinating Isabelle, but she was still two weeks away from the suggested eight-week DTaP vaccine that protects against whooping cough when she came into contact with an unvaccinated child.

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No doubt, the parents who chose not to vaccinate their kid thought it was a “personal decision.”

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