This Dog Almost Became Someone's Meal, But He Was Saved Just In Time

Many of us have heard or read about the horrific conditions and treatment dogs are forced to endure in meat farms, which ultimately ends in their brutal slaughter.

Cruelty was just part of everyday life for Waldo the mastiff. Being raised on a South Korean meat farm, he didn’t know what it felt like to enjoy the little things like having cool, soft grass beneath his paws. The poor thing received no love. His only future was becoming a meal for someone — that is, until volunteers from Humane Society International (HSI) saved him in April 2016.

When they first came face-to-face with Waldo, his condition likely broke their hearts. A cage was the only home he’d known. There was no joy in his eyes.

In addition to being emaciated, he had a nasty eye infection and an open sore on his leg.

He was probably very terrified of his rescuers because in his experience, humans were not kind.

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