This Guy Explores Some Of The Most Abandoned Places On Earth, And His Photos Are Incredible

Matt Emmett is no stranger to exploring abandoned places and capturing stunning photos of derelict buildings and structures.

The photographer has been at it for five years, traveling across Europe and capturing all of the beautiful urban decay he comes across. While most of us would be deterred by “Keep Out” signs, Emmett sees them as an invitation to discover what stories these locations hold inside their walls.

In his first book, “Forgotten Heritage,” Emmett shares some of the most incredible architecture he’s had the pleasure of visiting, and explains how he fell in love with this photography. Here is a small sampling of his amazing work.

This gorgeous view is of the ruined Gwrych Castle’s towers and living quarters in Wales.

This photo taken from the inside of a massive cooling tower in Belgium does a good job of making you feel small.

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The entrance portico of this abandoned country estate in North Wales looks like it belongs in ancient times.

This extraordinary stone habitation was constructed by one person over the course of 11 years.

Emmett and his son explored this underground quarry in Wiltshire, England.

This beautiful Victorian-era cistern that lies beneath London appears more like a colorful painting than a real place.

Emmett photographed this corridor when the agricultural school was dilapidated, but it has since been renovated.

The photographer was lucky enough to sneak inside the stunning geodesic dome of an old radio antenna right before it was demolished.

This blast furnace in Belgium could double as a fantasy contraption from the future.

This spooky colonnade is only one eerie feature of a country house that lies in ruins.

The open drawers and scattered papers might not seem like much — at least until you realize that this is the administrative block of an abandoned asylum in Italy.

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If you’d like to see more hauntingly beautiful images like these, you can find Emmett’s book in most bookstores or on websites like Amazon.

Be sure to check out Emmett’s other awesome works of photography on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his website.

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