This Guy's Employees Of The Week Are Way Cuter (And Fuzzier) Than You'd Expect

Working as a second-generation owner of Stairface and Josephsen Harwood Floors, Fred Josephsen spends most of his days making clients’ homes look gorgeous.

And being the avid animal lover that he is, Josephsen loves getting to know people’s pets in the process. He loves these critters so much, in fact, that he’s started snapping photos of them for an adorable reason. While the photos started off as an inside joke between his close family and friends, the flooring expert decided to upload them to his business’ Facebook page, deeming each kitty and doggo “employee of the week.”

And thanks to Josephsen’s son Dillon, the flooring guru is gaining national attention after the young man posted a series of the employee photos on Twitter.

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