This Little Boy Wins Halloween Every Year With His Incredible Wheelchair Costumes

Excitement is in the air as kids are getting more and more amped-up for Halloween.

It’s a fun time of the year to see what children and adults alike are choosing to dress up as for their costumes. Something we might not think about if we don’t have a family member in a wheelchair is how difficult it can be for them to find a costume that works or makes them feel special.

One little boy in Illinois, however, is taking his wheelchair costume game to the next level.

Eight-year-old Anthony Alfano has cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair all his life. His parents have gotten pretty creative to help him have some awesome costumes.

One year for Halloween, he went as a fortune teller, and another as the Lincoln Memorial.

He even dressed up as a jockey with his very own horse. The real jockeys were thrilled to take a photo with Anthony!

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