This Man's Perfectly Timed Photos Seem Almost Too Coincidental To Be Real

Photography and exceptional timing go hand in hand, but this man takes the two to a new (and seriously satisfying) level with his pictures.

Denis Cherim is a London-based photographer who says his passion is “capturing the essence of spontaneity and coincidence” in a series of photos he calls “The Coincidence Project.” In his project, Cherim works to find the perfect angle that combines light, shadows and lines from different outdoor elements into visually pleasing works.

“Whenever I travel across a city, a forest, a river, or a simple parking lot, I find that a common everyday moment can suddenly transform in a captivating situation,” Cherim explains. “Combinations of geometry, textures, reflections will all intertwine to create out of the ordinary, delightful centre pieces.” Check out some of the best pieces from his collection below.

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