This Mom Was Taken To Court For Something That Many Parents Do — What Do You Think?

Four out of five Americans think it is socially acceptable in some instances to spank a child.

While spanking is widely accepted by older generations, many first-time Millennial parents are also taking up spanking. You might find it shocking to discover that 72 percent of Millennial parents believe there is nothing wrong with it.

While spanking is considered an aggressive action used to reinforce proper behavior, there are many emotional and physical downsides to hitting your child’s rear end. Children seeing these aggressive actions at home have shown an increased tendency to lash out at other children at daycare and in school. Research has also discovered that parents are much more likely to spank their son or daughter when they are angry, stressed, tired, or depressed.

Still, one could see the argument to both sides. To spank or not to spank? That is the age-old question. One Missouri woman was pushed into the spotlight after spanking her daughter got her in some pretty hot water.

A 26-year-old mother from Raymore, Missouri, was charged with domestic assault after spanking her six-year-old daughter.

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While motivations for the spanking have not been disclosed, a lawyer representing the mom reported that the woman had spanked her daughter more than five times, leaving mild bruising.

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