This Rescued Great Dane And Her Tiny BFF Are So Cute, They'll Make You Melt

It’s really heartbreaking to think about some of the reasons why pets are abandoned.

Marion Dwyer adopted Echo back in 2014 after the dog’s previous owner considered putting the animal down because of her disabilities. Echo is deaf and has limited sight in both eyes. Saddened by that awful situation, Dwyer quickly made the decision to take Echo in. Just a few months after adopting the dog, she discovered that she herself was pregnant. Echo was about to get a baby sister!

In the first months of pregnancy, she had a feeling Echo and the little one would become best friends. Fortunately, her premonition was right!

Now 17 months old, Dwyer’s daughter, Jennie, and Echo are practically inseparable. Look at these little models in action!

Despite having two other Great Danes in the house, Echo is still Jennie’s favorite.

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