This Woman Turned Her Jeep Into An Epic Camper With No Experience At All

After five years in an abusive relationship, this woman decided to break ties with the past and travel the United States in her trusty Jeep.

She goes by the.traveling.beast on Instagram, where she has attracted followers with stunning photos of her Midwest travels. Recently, however, she proved that she’s a DIY genius on Reddit by sharing photos of how she turned her Jeep into a makeshift camper. Incredibly, she had no experience and used only a few common tools!

Most of the time, the.traveling.beast can find a campsite on her travels, but after several sleepless nights in a Wal-Mart parking lot, she had an idea. Why not convert the back of her Jeep into a makeshift camper?

First, she removed the back seats. Once they were gone, there was a lot of empty space to work with.

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The biggest challenge she had to overcome was the loss of storage space. She decided to build a set of drawers and use them as a platform for her bed.

That design gave her plenty of space for food, clothes, and toiletries.

As each storage drawer was completed, it was installed in the back of the Jeep.

Perhaps the most ingenious part of the design is the platform itself. These pull-out panels will provide easy access to the drawers and save her from having to remove the entire thing for one item.

After a fresh coat of paint, the project was really starting to come together.

Then, a second set of smaller drawers and the largest part of the platform were installed. Unlike the front drawers, these would pull out on a sliding track.

The last (and most satisfying) step was to throw some blankets and pillows on top of the platform.

As the.traveling.beast says, “Home is where you park it!” To see full instructions for the project, click here.

Now she’s ready for more adventures. Best of all, she never has to worry about where she’s going to lay her head at night.

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Have you ever heard that saying, “It’s a Jeep thing?” I think I finally get it! Be sure to follow the traveler on Instagram for more gorgeous photos.

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